Monday, 11 June 2012

Kendal Bivvi Ride.

It's Thursday, it's raining, it look miserable out my office window and still I thought it would be a good idea to go for a bivvi ride over the weekend.

I dug all my kit out of the loft to get it all in a nice neat pile ready to be loaded on the bike on Friday after work. I was still undecided if I should take or leave some things but I got them out none the less and added them to the pile.

I got home after work and started to check my kit again before loading on the bike, after fighting with the Velcro and straps on the frame bag, and bar harness for a little while the bike was ready to be loaded. Packing the tent in its usual spot in the large pocked of the frame bag, and loading tools in the small pocket. Well! that's the easy bits done. Now to squeeze the rest in. 

Loading the saddle bag... 
First off was lining the saddle bag with a thin/light weight dry bag, then stuffing as much as I could in to it, in goes some cloths, flip flops, camping mat, tarp, charger, and other bit and bobs. I though to my self I have . STOP!!! no food, me and Suzie made a quick run to the Supermarket, to get some well needed supplies, sweets, packets of eat cold food, mixed fruit and nuts, more sweets, Soreen, and some Nobbys mixed Fruit Nuts and Biscuits, also not forgetting some Torq Fitness Bars and Gels. Well the extra space I thought I had was now filled with food, although a bit squashed.

Then loading up the bar harness, picking up another light weight dry bag and started stuffing my sleeping bag and the rest of my cloths and stuffed a little bit to hard, and the bag tore in 2 (just thinking now lucky it was at home and not packing to come home), I dug out a more heavy duty dry bag and started stuffing again, sleeping bag, and the rest of my clothing then strapped it to the harness. 

The bike was loaded, the camel back was filled with water and I was read to go, but the question was where?

This Bivvi Ride was to test kit and have a get away for a well deserved 'rest', I wanted to find a camp site so I picked 2 options both was weather dependent. The first and most interesting option was a little island, but the issue was if it was bad weather the ferry's would not run, they said I would have to give them a call on Saturday morning to check and they was expecting high winds (meaning the ferry's would not be working). So I took the 2nd option and found a campsite just north or Kendal, between Kendal and Shap. 

Ok, The Bike is loaded, the route is loaded in the GPS and I'm ready to roll.

The ride is only 60ish miles so no need to set off too early, but I was excited and decided to head out just after 9 in a rain free windows. Not long after setting off, it started spiting, but it was expected. The roads was clear(ish) and it was quite easy going, until I reached Preston where the heavens opened, I though I'm not in any rush so I pulled over in a bus stop until it eased off a bit. 

As I tucked in to one of my sandwich's and watch the world go by, the rain started easing. I finished my butty and put on my pack and headed off again. 

Shortly after leaving Preston the rains cleared and I wouldn't say the sun come out but it was better than rain. I passed through Garstang and then stopped for a bite to eat (bacon butty) at a road side cafe. Riding through Lancaster, then in to Cumbria where I meet a couple of guys (Jonathan and Wisarut) standing at the side of the road, I pulled over for a chat, I found out they was cycling the LeJog, after chatting for a while we decided ride together for a while I found out they was going through Kendal, so at this point we said our good buys and parted ways. 

Arriving at the campsite, the sun was still trying to break through, I setup camp and headed off to find some food. I found a local Morison's and had my self some stake and mash in the cafe.

I sat watching the sun going down and get a well deserved relax.

Woke up late for me (around 9ish) and got up and started to pack my things away ready to head home, I decided to try and pack my bike different, OK it was only a little change, I decided to put my camping mat in the dry bag with my sleeping bag (on the bar harness) and it seemed to fit better that way, and be more stable. I then squeezed the rest of my kit in to the saddle bag and was happy. There is a couple of thing i didn't use and don't need to take with, the main thing being the Tarp, extra unneeded weight and bulk, I also need to rethink clothing for the evening/night. 

On the journey home the weather was nice, dry and the some was trying to break through. I stopped just out side Garstang for another bacon butty and then headed home.